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I want to place my comments under a given program, or share the program to my friends, or even rate that program; What should I do?

You should be a registered viewer/listener and login when accessing the site. This will enable you to COMMENT, SHARE, or RATE any given program.  Your comments will be read by others who in turn might post a response if need be….

The LOG IN button is located at the right upper corner.

What is CNE? What do I need to know?

The CNE Network or Community News & Entertainment Network is comprised of Radio (RI or Radio Internet) and Television (IPTV). CNE Network is a multi-faceted production company which was first launched on July 10 2009 with the Television division (CNE-TV); the Radio division (CNE-RI), which followed 24 months later, was launched April 29, 2011.

How does CNE relate to society?

We provide this opportunity to people from different walks of life: Political, Social, or Cultural, to engage one another, explore ideas and hoping to find common grounds that will enable or empower us to become part of the solution to the problem that plague on common humanity.

Why is that I am disconnected or my screen freezes while I am in the middle of a live show?

Internet connection issue my happen; if the case, refresh your browser....

I am not able to access a program from your archives....

Radio programs are posted in our archives for a week following the live broadcast date. After that period, the program is restricted to only registered and subscribed user....You must then be a registered and subscribed user, and log in  to have access to such program.  

What is the validity for Pay Per View ticket?

A Pay Per View ticket for any video is valid for 48 hours after the time of aquiring video.

How do I navigate within the Pay-Per-View module?

There are two categories of viewers; Registered viewers and non-registered viewers.

1-Select the PPV icon located by the right of your screen, on the channel navigation bar.

2-The next page is where you have all the listed movies. Movies for purchase are at the top, and coming soon movies but you can watch the trailer of those. Go to the next page if any, for more movies.

3-Hover your mouse on top of each movie image and two options will pop up; VIEW INFO and WATCH or VIEW INFO and COMING SOON.

4-Select View Info to get information on the movie

5-Select Watch to enjoy the movie.

6-Selecting VIEW INFO will then take you to the Movie Information page. You will get the sysnopsis of the movie, as well as info on the Producer, the actors and also you can view scene pictures of the movie. Watch the trailer from here.

7-If you are ready to pay, click on the "WATCH" button. From point #4 above you can also choose to watch the movie Vs. View Info.

8-Once you click on the WATCH button, it takes you to the ticket window.  

Why should I subscribe?


We have free and restricted programs. Free programs can be accessed by everyone, but you must be a subscriber to fully enjoy restricted or selected programs.

4 options are available: 1 month/3 months/ 6 months/ 12 months.

Subscribe for 12 months and get 2 months FREE.

Go here for more:

If you access a restricted program without login, you will be able to access only 2 min of that program

If you are a registered user and access a restricted program by login, you will be able to view only 5 min of that program

If you are a registered and subscribed user and access a restricted program by login, you will be able to view the entire program


Please register or subscribe to get full CNE access.

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